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Bikram yoga is a sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Every class is exactly the same yet every class is brand new.
bikram new

Because Bikram – like any yoga practice – is about being in the moment. Yesterday’s pranayama is not today’s pranayama. Last week’s balancing-stick pose is not today’s either. No matter how many times you repeat a posture, each one is a new beginning. Your body changes continually, your mind moves incessantly, time flows around and through us like water. We breathe different air, fresh colours strike our eyes, we hear new sounds. Even the most familiar, mundane moments of our lives are new, and never to be repeated.

Yoga awakens us to the new. Through the discipline and repetition in the studio we rediscover the truth that every moment is new. We learn to ground ourselves in the present, to be fully aware, to appreciate the possibilities of our ordinary lives.

Next time you’re in the studio, meditate on the new-ness of each movement, breath and pose. Be alert and grateful that even routine can be an act of re-creation.

What new joys do you find in your practice? Share in the comments.