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How strict should a yoga teacher be?

Bikram pioneered a style of yoga, and a style of teaching, that focuses on intensity and pushing students to the limit. “Better 90 minutes in pain than 90 years,” is one of his sayings.
This teaching style is a contrast to the old stereotype of yoga teachers as blissed out hippies whose response to everything is, “it’s all good”.

I happened on a newspaper article about “extreme instructors” who incorporate heat, strict rules about what you can or can’t wear/do/say in class, and bootcamp style motivation.

Personally, I favour a middle line. It’s my job as a teacher to pay close attention to my students and correct, encourage and push them. However, I also believe the focus should stay on the YOGA. I don’t like cults of personality, and when the emphasis of the class (or the drama, haha!) is the teacher then it has the potential to detract from students developing their own practice and self-motivation.

What are your views on how strict should a yoga teacher be?
Do you prefer a drill instructor or a kinder gentler approach?
Please share your thoughts in the comments!