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This time of year we sweat more and that leads to yoga mats getting a little funky. You should clean your mat on a regular basis. Both for hygiene and because it’s nicer to have a decent-smelling mat when you’re face down in the spine-strengthening series!
Here are a few options to keep your mat fresh:

Wipe down after each class with mat wipes. Buy Jo-Sha mat wipes here.

Make your own mat spray with a 50-50 mix of water and natural vinegar. Add a few drops of essential oil like lavender or tea tree for an appealing scent.

Machine wash your mat.
Once every couple of weeks run it through the wish with mild or no soap.

DON’T put it in the sun (or over the radiator). The excess heat will dry out the rubber and shorten the life of your mat.

Share your mat-cleaning tips or ideas in the comments.