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During warm weather you sweat more in and out of the yoga studio. This means you’re losing important electrolytes (salts) as well as water. One of my favourite drinks to naturally replenish electrolytes is coconut water, which provides an instant hit of essential sodium and potassium.
A quick way to increase your electrolyte intake is to use coconut water in your smoothies instead of milk or non-dairy milk. Coconut water is lighter than milks, so you might want to add some richer ingredients to give it that lovely creaminess.

Here’s a quick choose your own flavour guide to making fabulous electrolyte super smoothies.

Instructions: Start with liquid, add two or three fruits, one or two thickeners, a dash of flavoring, blend and enjoy!

250mlk Coconut water

50g Berries
100g Pineapple
100g Melon
1 med or 1/2 lg Mango
1 lg Peach
1 lg Nectarine
2 Plums


1/2 med Avocado
1 sm banana, frozen
2tbsp tahini
2tbsp peanut butter
30g cashews

Fresh ginger
Vanilla extract
Lemon juice/zest

Mix and match, then share your favourite combo in the comments!