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Wrist injuries are common thanks to the amount of time we spend on computers and messing with phones, tablets, etc. The structure of the wrist is delicate. It wasn’t designed to spend eight hours a day clicking a mouse!

Yoga is a great way to prevent and help to heal wrist strain.
If you’re already injured consult with a medical professional before starting or intensifying your yoga practice to be sure you don’t aggravate anything. If you’re in good health, adding some specific wrist-strengthening poses to your practice can help stave off future problems.


In Bikram yoga salabhasana – half-locust pose – is a key for strengthening and healing your elbows, lower arms and wrists. Ensure you do it correctly for maximum benefit:

-Roll your arms under your body, placing your elbows against your abdomen as close as you can, palms flat on the floor. Spread your fingers so that they’re pointing toward your knees; this will give you a nice strong grip
-Relax, keeping your body firm and steady
-Once your legs are up, breathe normally in and out through your nose and keep using the strength in your hands and arms to maintain your weight to the front of your body, so you can hold your legs up for as long as you can

To challenge yourself and expand your practice, visit the Yoga Journal for a whole section devoted to powerhouse poses that will work your wrists — and your whole body.

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