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We’re just back from Yoga Holiday with Paul and I’m sure some of you are experiencing a touch of the post-holiday blues. It’s a natural fact, the better the holiday the harder it is to go back to daily life. Here are three tips to help beat the blues and incorporate the benefits of your holiday into your working routine.

On the beach

On the beach

Remember to Breathe

One of the great things about holiday is that you are able to be fully present. With no deadlines or buses to catch, you can savour every moment. You can continue this practice after your holiday by making a conscious decision to practice mindfulness. Some people like to set aside time in the morning or evening to practice yogic breathing, or you can simply close your eyes for a few minutes while on the bus or train and focus on the breath. This will help you stay connected to your physical body and calm your mind.

give thanks
Practice Gratitude
Complaining is a very British habit. We grouse about the weather, the traffic, our jobs, our partners, the price of a pint of milk. Imagine if we took all that energy and transformed it into positive thoughts and words! We always have a choice whether to grumble or be grateful. If you’re stuck on a crowded Tube you can choose to be annoyed. Or you can be grateful that you live in a cosmpolitan city where you are whisked from place to place by an incredible feat of engineering! Everything in our life, even the seeming inconveniences, is an opportunity to practice gratitude and, just like in yoga postures, you’ll get stronger every time.

fruit veg
Eat Well
What you eat deeply affects you. My yoga retreat students are always amazed at how energised and refreshed they feel after a week of eating clean whole foods. Making food a priority on your return is a way to continue that holiday buzz and honour your body. If you’re pressed for time there are lots of shortcuts: Make a big pitcher of smoothies and freeze the extra in plastic bottles for instant refreshment through the week; treat yourself to a fruit and veg box; or try out some of the healthy recipes on blog.

Share your tips for beating the post-holiday blues in the comments!