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Rabbit pose or sasangasana is a key spine-opening posture. It comes near the end of the series when your body is warm and you’re capable of deep stretching. To get the full benefits, though, you need to pay close attention to form and alignment.

Here are some tips for perfecting rabbit pose, fromOhMyBikram:


Always start with the right grip in the pose. The thumbs should be included with the rest of the fingers, thumbs on the outside, fingers on the inside.

The biggest misconception beginners have about rabbit is that there should be no weight or pressure on the head. In fact, about 15% of the body weight should be in the head.

The dialogue will always encourage to lift the hips up, which is important to the pose. But it is important to never sacrifice the grip to get the hips higher. Remember,it is the grip and pull that create the force to stretch the spine.

The harder you pull on the feet the better of a compression you will create benefiting the organs.

Try to eliminate any gap under the ankles and work to have the heels together through the pose.

While pulling on the heels, lift the shoulders away from the ears.

Once you are in the posture, do not move to correct it. Fix the posture in the set up, not when you are in it. – Bikram

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