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Potatoes are a fantastic energy source. They are high in carbs for energy, packed with potassium and have a high water content which means they are easier to digest and lower in calories than whole grains. Seasonal eating means enjoying the best of the crop while it is fresh, and Jersey Royal new potatoes are a delicious change of pace from jacket or mashed potatoes.
Jersey Royal tips:

The early season potatoes are smaller and more tender, the later season ones larger and more flavourful; both are fabulous. Look for unwashed potatoes; they travel better wearing a jacket of earth.

To enjoy them at their best buy just what you plan to use in the next two days and keep them in a cool, dark place.

Leave the skins on – most of the flavour and goodness lies just beneath the surface – and give them a wash. Steam or boil until tender (15 – 20 minutes, cut larger potatoes in half if necessary) and add butter and other fresh herbs such as mint, chives or parsley as desired.