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True yoga practice extends beyond the studio. Yoga should infiltrate every part of our life — including, and maybe especially, our work. Most of us spend most of our waking hours at work. It is essential for our personal growth and peace that we extend the practice of yoga into our work.

The following is an excerpt from a lovely article by Paul Dallaghan on contentment:

Yoga is skill in action. It is a beautiful balance between the effort you put up and how much you allow or surrender. This is directly inlaid within santosha. We don’t have to wait for more growth or a higher experience of yoga. Then it will never come. Understand it now. Whatever it is give it your best. That may be a tricky asana, a difficulty at work, a challenge in your relationship. Do not fix what the outcome should be. You might have something in mind but don’t be stuck to it. We have all experienced at some stage in life that when we make a real good effort at things we are not disappointed. It comes from a natural place.

Let this effort of your’s be free from desired outcome. Then santosha is the natural result. Happiness becomes your’s and not dependent on the weather, lover, job or success. It is very much within reach. Take this approach today and such a state starts to grow immediately. Take help from the yoga practices and guidance given. They will fully support this endeavour.

Two promises to give yourself:

1) Whatever task comes to me, like it or not, doesn’t matter, I will now give it full attention and my best effort

2) Whatever the outcome is, I won’t complain, I will accept. It may be as desired. Or it may need further evaluation to see how better I can do and thus grow from this. Either way, I am satisfied but the work goes on.

This is helpful for all worldly duties, even if our boss is breathing down our neck. But it is essential for spiritual growth. We can always give it more with an attitude of freedom. That is ultimately a balance within the whole nervous system.

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