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One of the most common things I see among new students is the fear of making mistakes. They worry they aren’t doing a posture correctly, or that they aren’t going deep enough into the pose, or that they’ll mix up their left and right.

Worrying about mistakes is a distraction. It takes you out of meditation and focuses you on negative possibilities, rather than helping you flow. Bikram yoga is an opportunity to retrain ourselves and step out of the right/wrong thinking that we are taught. There is no “wrong answer” or “mistake” in Bikram yoga. If you are on the mat, giving your 100% honest effort, you are doing it right.
To rise above your fear of mistakes, keep these tips in mind:

Let the teacher worry about your posture.
It’s our job to help you get the best out of each asana. Follow the dialogue, take suggestions, but otherwise don’t worry.

There is no such thing as a mistake, just a learning opportunity.
Each time you do a posture you learn a little more and get a little closer to the ideal for your body.

Don’t judge. Some days you feel on top of the world and everything is easy; other days you feel like you have two left feet. Accept sensations as they come, without judgement. As you learn to listen to your body without criticism you’ll naturally let go of your fear of mistakes.

What is your biggest fear in Bikram class? Share in the comments