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Only four spots left for Yoga Holiday with Paul on 19-26 June in the Algarve. To reserve yours email: YogaHolidayWithPaul@gmail.com

Thinking about it? Here are five signs you need a Bikram holiday.

Awkward pose

Awkward pose

1. Your Vitamin D level is so low it drags on the ground when you walk
Still feeling drained and droopy after the winter? Your body needs regular doses of sunshine to boost natural Vitamin D production — especially if you’re dark-skinned. A week in the sun will transform how you feel as you get your vitamin levels up and enjoy the healing effect of warmth and good vibes.

2. The last time you made a new friend All Saints were in the charts
It can be difficult to make friends as adults, especially in a city like London. Everyone is busy with their own lives, work, partners, kids, etc and there just isn’t time to build new connections. Yoga Holiday with Paul is an opportunity to meet people from other walks of life and really get to know them. Great friendships are formed every year!

3. Making dinner involves puncturing cellophane and/or waiting for delivery
Eating well is another thing that goes by the wayside in busy lives. Our yoga holiday is catered with delicious, fresh-made vegetarian and vegan wholefood cooking. You’ll discover how cleansing and revitalising it is to eat clean, natural foods for a week!

4. You’ve been doing Bikram for years OR you’ve never done Bikram

One fantastic thing about our Bikram holiday is that it doesn’t matter what level you are. We have regular practitioners and students who have never done a Bikram class in their life. The classes are tailored to ensure you get exactly what you need for where you are in your practice. Plus we mix it up with fun stuff like yoga and dance, and Vinyasa flow.

5. The nearest you get to meditation is concentrating on holding in your belly to zip up your trousers
We all know that meditation can be a powerful tool to clear and calm our minds, but it can be difficult to start the practice on your own. Yoga Holiday with Paul goes deep into the meditation and concentration aspect of yoga, giving you a chance to cultivate your personal meditation practice.

To reserve your spot email: YogaHolidayWithPaul@gmail.com

What’s your top reason for craving a yoga holiday? Share in the comments!