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Sometimes it is difficult to get to a studio to do your yoga practice. We all run into days where classes just don’t fit, but that doesn’t mean giving up yoga altogether.

You can do sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) anywhere, with or without a yoga mat.  They are the perfect way to ground yourself and maintain your practice when you’re travelling, away from your normal yoga studio, or simply have limited time. For example, on the Yoga Holiday with Paul retreat I make sure to do my own yoga practice each morning.
Completing five to ten rounds of Surya Mamaskar will give you the satisfaction and benefits of doing a class.

Remember to always focus on the breath and move calmly. As you become familiar with the sequence it can be a very deep moving meditation.

This Yoga Journal article has more details on the benefits of sun salutations.

How do you keep up your practice when you’re pressed for time? Share in the comments!