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One of the great lessons of yoga is regular practice. We come into the studio every day to reconnect with our mind and body, and be present in the moment.
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This simple wisdom often gets lost in our busy lives. We chase the fantasy of a perfect future, or dwell on an imperfect past. We forget that everything we want to be we have to create, day by day. If we want to be patient, kind, loving and mindful we can’t meditate once a week and consider it done, we have to practice daily. Just like with yoga.

True happiness and satisfaction arises from living in the present. I like this quote from Alan Watts:

If to enjoy even an enjoyable present we must have the assurance of a happy future, we are “crying for the moon.” We have no such assurance. The best predictions are still matters of probability rather than certainty, and to the best of our knowledge every one of us is going to suffer and die. If, then, we cannot live happily without an assured future, we are certainly not adapted to living in a finite world where, despite the best plans, accidents will happen, and where death comes at the end.

Living in the present goes against the grain of much of our culture and habits. We’re taught to always want more and dream bigger. It is essential, of course, to have ambitions and plans for our lives. The trick is not to mortgage our happiness to them. We build the future by our actions in the present, so if we learn to live with joy and mindfulness we will create the future happiness we crave.

How do you practice living in the present? Share in the comments!