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Bikram sit-ups are supposed to be challenging. But sometimes when I watch students do sit-ups, I say to myself, “What was that?!”
mia vedrana yoga
I see too many variations! And students looking and sounding like it’s a chore to even think about doing a sit-up. C’mon folks! The sit-up is in the sequence to give you energy. Don’t exhale like it’s your dying breath…

If you’ve been in class recently you know I focus on doing sit-ups step by step. There are so many benefits. Sit-ups strengthen the lower back by engaging the the abdominals. By engaging the abdominals during the sit-up you get a flat tummy you’ll want to show off when summer comes. If that isn’t incentive enough, I’ve been upping the stakes: if one person does the sit-up incorrectly the whole class gets to do another sit-up… however many times it takes to get it right!

A correct sit-up goes like this:

Toes and heels together. Flex your feet, keep your heels on the floor, (push your heels to the floor. This will help with the sit-up.)
Arms over your head, cross your thumbs, arms and head together.
Inhale breathing, quickly sit up.
Exhale breathing, grab your big toes, double jerk.
Touch your forehead to the knees, elbows to the floor (bend your knees, if you can not touch forehead to your knees with straight legs).

This bonus exercise will help strengthen and tone your abs:

Lie on your back with legs together and point your toes like a ballerina.
Press your palms into the floor by your side.
Lift your legs off the floor one inch and hold for 20 secs, engaging the abdominals.

Questions or thoughts about sit-ups? Hit me back in the comments!