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“There is no remedy for love but to love more” ~ Henry David Thoreau
love and yoga
It’s hearts-flowers-and-chocolate time again, yes, Valentine’s Day. Whether you think the holiday is a beautiful tribute to romance or crass commercial exploitation, it provides a reminder, an opportunity, to think about how we think about love and its role in our lives.

The popular image of romantic love is exclusive. We are supposed to meet The One, fall head over heels, and live happily ever after. Some people are blessed with this “fairy tale” version of romance; others are blessed with love stories of different shapes; some are still on the path to creating the love story of their own life.

Wherever we are, we should remember one thing: LOVE IS INFINITE. We can love a partner with our whole heart, and still have limitless love for family, friends, pets…. In fact, the more love we give the more we have. The more we act and express loving thoughts and words and deeds, the more love infuses and elevates our lives.

I like to think of Love in the same terms I think of Yoga. There are infinite ways to enter into it, to practice it, to allow it to transform our minds, bodies and hearts. The more we practice yoga — and the more we practice love — the more flexible, warm, giving, and compassionate we become.

Whatever else you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make time for yoga — even if it’s just a few asanas at home. Love and yoga are blessing that enrich our lives. The more we do, the more we have to give.