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Happy first week of January!
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Now we’re done with the annual season of indulgence and festivity it’s a great time to refocus on your yoga practice. Getting your yoga groove back on doesn’t mean going crazy. Unfortunately all the ads and media that were pushing you to eat, drink and be merry last week are now busy hectoring you to go to the gym, buy the latest fitness DVD or start some crazy diet. Don’t believe the hype.

By all means, set a goal. Invest in your practice physically and mentally. Add an extra class per week, try a new style, or pledge to do a challenge, but don’t push yourself to where you get bored or injured. Many people come to class in January for the first time, or after a break, and hurt themselves by rushing into postures, trying to do too much, not listening to their bodies.

Yoga is not just for New Year, it’s for all year, every year. Take it easy when you get back into the studio this month. Take your time. Be mindful. Be receptive. Remember, yoga is not a competition!

What’s one thing you’re doing to honour your practice this month? Share in the comments.