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Yoga practice helps us develop compassion and love to offset the pressures of the season.
om holidays
For many of us the holidays are a chance to take a break, spend time with family and friends, eat, drink, be merry and generally unwind as another year comes to an end.

The flip-side of that is this can be a stressful, unhappy time of year for all kinds of reasons. Financial strain, family problems, unemployment, health troubles… anything that stops people living up to the ideal of a holly, jolly Christmas can be doubly painful due social expectations. You don’t have to be down-and-out to experience the pressure, either. Ordinary stress ad strife takes on an extra dimension at this time of “goodwill”.

According to the Bhagavad Gita:

Being absorbed in yoga destroys suffering. One absorbed in yoga is free from longings for selfish desires. Yoga steadies the thoughts, the mind, and rids one of suffering. Yoga should be practiced with determination and without entertaining discouraging thoughts. One absorbed in yoga enjoys boundless happiness, sees the Self present in all beings, and all beings present within the Self.

Yoga is our chance to cultivate mindfulness and to spread non-judgmental love and caring. What could be more Christmassy than that?

How does your yoga practice help you spread the love? Share in the comments!