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On 9 November I went to New York City for the second part of Dharma Mittra teacher training. What an amazing experience! Our first day was a real “Say whaaaat??!!” moment — we had the pleasure of kirtan with Krishna Das. If you’ve never heard of kirtan, it’s devotional music/chanting. It was wicked. The singing and story telling really reinforced my love for music as a part of yoga. It was the perfect start to the second module.  

We had the privilege of practicing and being taught by the master Sri Dharma Mittra himself. You would never guess he is 75 years old. Especially not when he is demonstrating how an asana should be practiced. He is an incredible yogi and has a young heart. Even though he is the teacher his approach is very humble. He was always making us laugh whenever he could. There was much love in the classes and practice. You could feel the positivity and joy from everyone. I am blessed to have been guided by our beloved mentors also.

The training focused on yoga and the philosophy of the ancient practice of the eight limbs to attain the goal of self-realization in life. Sri Dharma says: “To succeed in all walks of life, much concentration is required”. For us, concentration took the form of practice beginning at 7AM and ending at 9:30PM, with just 90 minutes for lunch. It was a challenging journey emotionally, physically, and mentally, but deeply rewarding.

I left with a monthly plan to continue to develop my own practice and enrich my teaching. It was a pleasure and an honour to be in the presence and under guidance of Guru Sri Dharma Mittra — I look forward to sharing that same light and positivity with you!