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What does it mean to set your intention? And why is it so important?
intentionIntention is simply what we plan to do — or who we want to be. We set intentions in our lives every day without even thinking about it. When our alarm clocks go off our intention is to get out of bed and start the day. We get to work and our intention is to teach a great class, or make a sale, or complete a project. In our relationships we set intentions by how we spend time and energy. All these are often done almost unconsciously. We don’t necessarily ask ourselves every morning: “Why am I getting out of bed and going to work?” But maybe we should.

Bikram yoga is a practice that encourages us to be mindful of our intentions. Simply getting to class is one declaration of intent. Class is your opportunity to bring conscious attention to who you want to be and what you want to do for the next 90 minutes. You might set a physical intention, such as completing every posture, or going further in a pose. You can also use Bikram as an opportunity to set a spiritual or mental intention, for example: to speak kindly to your family, or to be more patient at work.

During class, bring your mind to your intention and use it as the focus of your meditation in the postures. As you get in the habit of setting and concentrating on your intention you’ll find it manifesting in your life — just as doing the physical poses brings about a change in the body, this mental exercise will literally change your mind!

What intention do you bring to Bikram? Share in the comments.