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One of the fundamental principles of yoga is to take it slow. We improve step by step, by making small changes and minor adjustments as we work towards the complete expression of a posture.
You might be thinking: “I know this!” but next time you’re in the hot yoga studio bring your awareness to how you approach the postures. I see beginners and experienced yogis alike hurrying into poses and rushing through transitions. I swear, I can read your minds sometimes! You’re in one pose but you’re already thinking or worrying about the next one (this is especially true for some of you in the balancing series!)

What happens when you do this is you are not focusing on the present moment and posture. You never achieve as much as you could because your mind is somewhere else.

In your next class — whether it is your 2nd or your 700th — be mindful in every single posture. Pay 100% attention to the dialogue and your own breathing. Nothing else matters. Move slowly, word by word. I promise, you will have a completely different experience than if you hurry ahead in your mind!

Do you find it hard to slow down? Share your thoughts in the comments.