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The season of Halloween skeletons is a good time to consider our bone health.
skeleton yoga

We know that weight-bearing exercise such as running or weight-lifting can improve bone mass and density, protecting from things like osteoporosis and breaks, but did you know yoga builds better bones too?

A study comparing a group who did yoga versus a non-yoga control group found that after two years the people who practiced yoga had a dramatic rise in the bone density. The people who didn’t do yoga lost bone density.

Not only that, but you have less risk of injury from yoga than from, say, running or pumping iron. Practicing Bikram and other forms of yoga with an experienced teacher is very safe and – in addition to improving your skeletal system – helps with circulation, respiration, muscle tone, detox, fat-burning and state of mind.

It’s worth remembering these benefits as it can really help motivate us and deepen our practice. Sometimes going to yoga studio can feel like another chore, something to tick off the list, but it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, in so many ways.

What improvements have you experienced doing yoga? Share in the comments.