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Yoga can have a positive influence on every part of our life. But what about our hair? A quick search of the wonderful world wide web reveals plenty of sites claiming that specific yoga poses will help you grow long, lush hair. One of them recommends Camel Pose and Rabbit Pose as particularly beneficial — great news for us Bikram yogis!
Personally, I don’t think a couple of extra minutes of Camel Pose is going to give anyone long flowing locks (unless you’re already so blessed) but there is substance beneath the fluff, so to speak.

Bikram yoga is a total body cleansing, healing and energising system. It works your muscles, tendons, and organs right down to a cellular level. With regular practice you improve your circulation, flexibility, skeletal system, and mental state. That is going to be reflected in your external appearance in the form of clearer skin, toned muscles and maybe even better hair!

I don’t suggest yoga as a substitute for a good haircut and regular conditioning, but I know from experience that with regular practice you see benefits of Bikram from your head to your toes.

How has Bikram changed your body? Share in the comments!