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Some days you just don’t feel like getting up and going to the yoga studio. It’s totally normal… but consider the benefits if you push through that resistance! If you need some inspiration read this lovely passage from the book ‘Everyday Dharma’ by Lama Willa Miller. everydaydharmalrg

“Enthusiasm takes energy. When you feel as if you do not have the energy to be enthusiastic, consider one inherent source of energy at your disposal: emotional energy…. If you can get in touch with that underlying emotional energy, it is possible to channel that energy into enthusiasm for your passion, your spiritual journey, your everyday dharma, and perseverance to see your path through to its completion.

“Perseverance feeds passion, and the other way around… When you get into a groove of rekindling enthusiasm daily, it becomes easier to persevere, to follow through to the end…. With this attitude, I started to understand the term spiritual warrior. I went to war with my laziness, to war with my discouragement. I convinced myself not to lose this battle. For me, the point of this practice was to work with my resistance.

What are your tips for getting to yoga when you’d rather be at home? Share in the comments!