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Summer is a great time to focus on clean eating and optimum health. Long days mean more time for outdoor activities and food-wise it is the perfect time to ramp up your fruit and veg intake with lots of seasonal produce. How much should you be eating though? Is five-a-day enough? Nine-a-day? What about going 100% vegan? Or taking it a step further to raw vegan?

According to Project Clean Food the best way to approach your diet is to eat the right RATIO of foods. They suggest:
fruit veg

-Fruits-n-Veggies: 70%
-Grains: 10%
-Pure Chocolate: 3%
-Dairy (Or Alternative if allergic): 2%
-Misc: 15%**


-Water: 70%
-Misc: 30%**

**These are the foods and beverages that you enjoy to the fullest (and without any sort of attachment to them). It can literally be anything you want. So long as you consume these things in a balanced and moderate way.

Focusing on an overall ratio takes the pressure off counting portions and it can help focus you on an overall healthy lifestyle. Eating this way gives you plenty of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids.

You might notice that there is nothing in that list about meat, fish, poultry, eggs… but maybe those all fall under the category of Misc! I suspect that for some people that might not be enough of the heavier, protein-rich foods they’re accustomed to, while for others it might be just right.

What do you think: does this look like a perfect eating plan? What would your ideal food ratio be? Please share in the comments!