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I’m having a wonderful time teaching Dharma Mittra classes at Yoga Haven in Clapham. It is a refreshing opportunity to engage in 60 minutes of moving meditation, driven by the breath, exploring different postures. This is a level 1 class so it is perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced yogis.
If you’re used to the structure of Bikram you’ll enjoy the variation of Dharma Mittra which incorporates Vinyasa flow. This means ‘flow with breath’ so it will feel familiar. The difference is that the room is a normal temperature and the sequence is more fluid and flexible. In each class we move through a set series of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques that help relieve stress and increase your mindfulness and physical awareness.

Dharma Mittra is also a very calming devotional practice that fosters a clear mind and a kind heart, which is something you can never have too much of in London!

It would be great to see you in class and Yoga Haven has a Summer Special on until 31 August. Go online or drop by to book!

Questions about Dharma Mittra or Vinyasa? Please ask in the comments and I’ll respond.