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Meditation is a powerful tool for mental and physical growth. It helps calm our minds, increase our concentration, it brings clarity and a sense of well-being. Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute moving meditation. The aim of the 26 postures and two breathing exercises is to transcend the worries and chatter of daily life and connect you to yourself, to focus your energy, to help you experience life in a richer, fuller way.

Guided meditation is a great way to expand your meditation practice outside the studio. Think of it as complementary training — just like running or cycling complement the physical aspects of Bikram doing other meditations enhances the emotional and psychological effect of yoga.

The easiest way to get started is tap into the wonder of YouTube — you’ll find enough guided meditations to keep you occupied until the year 3000! One series I like is PositiveMagazine which offers dozens of short guided meditations to choose from. Try this ten minute meditation expressing appreciation to your body and let me know what you think in the comments!