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One of the best things about teaching yoga is all the talented, inspiring people I meet. In order to share that enjoyment with the group, as it were, I’ll be running occasional interviews with some of my wonderful yoga students and friends.

Vedrana brings amazing energy to the yoga studio. I never see her without a big smile on her face! She and her husband Matt recently became parents of a beautiful little girl, Mia and Vedrana practiced yoga right up to delivery day! She took a moment out from her busy life as a new mum to share her Bikram yoga story.

Vedrana in Standing Bow

Vedrana in Standing Bow

How long have you been practicing Bikram?
Three years.

How has Bikram yoga changed your life?
I was always been very active – I did ballet for over 10 years, volleyball at regional level, a number of martial arts, running, etc. Then I started working, met my prince charming and sessions at the gym became rare. We realised we had to find a physical activity to do together after my dad kindly noted that I had put on weight!

We tried boxing for a while and Matt ended up tearing his Achilles tendon which resulted in us leaving that gym and Matt being on crutches for three months. For the recovery, someone recommended Bikram yoga, so we tried and got hooked instantly. It gave us something to do that benefited us physically, we could share together and love. Later, we realised the mental benefits also. I became calmer and more tolerant.

What was it like doing Bikram while pregnant?
One word: wonderful. When you are pregnant you have no other way to relax properly: you cannot drink or smoke or party. Bikram gave me more than those three combined. I was perfectly happy when I practiced. I felt strong. It gave me energy and made me reassured about what the birth. I felt in perfect harmony with my mind and body. My daughter really enjoyed it too. She was always kicking after certain postures (back bends in particular).

Vedrana in Camel Pose

Vedrana in Camel Pose

What’s your favourite pose and why?

Standing bow because it was wonderful to know I could still do something this challenging and camel because Mia was kicking so hard afterwards.

You’ve been on the Yoga With Paul retreat before and this year took baby Mia – what makes this retreat special?

I love taking my practice to the next level. After I gave birth I didn’t expect my body to be so weak, especially because I practiced the day I went into hospital. But after the birth my muscles were not were they belonged. I wasn’t allowed to do any sport (not even yoga) for the first six weeks. My abs were non-existent. The yoga retreat was exactly I needed: it gave me strength, got me back to where I was before the pregnancy (almost!) and made me accept my new body and learn to be patient with it.

What is your motto?
Nothing is impossible and by working hard, you can always get (close) to what you wish for.

The last book you read?
What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

lambs street
What is your favourite London haunt?

Lambs Conduit Street. It has a village feel in the middle of the big busy city.

What’s your essential item of yoga gear?
LuluLemon yoga shorts.