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It’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect, as you may have heard me say in class — this is why I encourage students not to be afraid of falling out of postures.
falling out
Obviously we’d all like to be able to do every pose perfectly, moving in and out smoothly, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I see lots of students fall out poses, and I’ve done it myself more times than I can count. Some days your balance is off, some days certain muscles are stiff, some days the sweat is pouring and you lose your grip, some days a particular posture just doesn’t come together. So you fall out, slip, wobble, lose your poise for a minute. You know what? That’s great.

We come to the Bikram studio to learn. We come to grow. We come to discover how far we can stretch our bodies and minds. We can’t do that if we stay in our safety zone. We can’t do that if we never push hard enough to find our edge.

Falling out of a posture is a sign that you’re doing good work.
You’re going deeper into your hot yoga practice. Today, you fall out, tomorrow you’ll be stronger. Smile at yourself, keep breathing, and jump right back in. That’s what we’re here for.