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After our Yoga Holiday with Paul retreat I’ve been thinking about ways to make any holiday a yoga holiday.
ilha deserta beach
Here are five suggestions:

1. Pick a ‘yoga moment’
Set aside half an hour each day to reconnect with yourself. Find a quiet spot and do some gentle poses while the sun sets, or take a break from the heat and practice under a palm tree.

2. Buy a new yoga outfit
Add cute new shorts, or a cool workout top to your holiday shopping list.

3. Explore the local hydration options
Lots of hot destinations have a local specialty: orange juice from local trees, perhaps, or even a freshly-cracked coconut!

4. Try new moves
Refresh your routine by trying new poses or focusing on a particular posture you want to improve. YogaGlo is a great resource for online classes tailored to different levels, interests and styles.

5. Spend more time in savasana
Holidays are for relaxing and there is no better way to release stress than to practice savasana. Spend five, ten, even 30 minutes if you want to, breathing, meditating, completely connecting with yourself and letting go of your worries.

What are your holiday yoga tips? Share in the comments!