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bikram-yoga-never-too-lateDaily practice is the Holy Grail for some yogis. They do 30, 60, 100 day challenges. Some people take it further, aiming for six months, a year, or even longer in the quest for Bikram yoga nirvana.

Is daily practice essential though? Bikram would say an unequivocal “Yes!” but, without wishing to contradict the man himself, my experience is that practice frequency is a personal thing. It’s great to do as much hot yoga as fits reasonably in your life and schedule. As a teacher, I love to see familiar faces in every class. There is something very energising about my students who are dedicated to daily (or near-daily) practice: they have strength, rhythm, poise and great attitudes.

Daily practice, however, shouldn’t be an obsession. The aim of yoga is unity and flexibility of body and mind — and that includes being flexible with yourself when life is hectic, or you have an injury or illness. If your body tells you it needs rest, you should listen and trust that voice. If trying to fit in a daily Bikram class is adding to your stress, rather than alleviating it, give yourself a break.

Over time, with regular practice, you’ll discover the true expression of yoga happens everywhere you go — not just in the hot room. You can miss a class or two. As long as you bring the meditation and concentration of Bikram into your everyday life you have a daily practice.

How often do you like to practice Bikram yoga? Share in the comments!