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camel poseIn the hot yoga studio we think a lot about working our muscles and organs – but sometimes forget that our largest organ is actually our skin! Fortunately, Bikram benefits extend from inside to out, and regular practice is a great way to detox and improve your skins health and appearance.

There is a nice post from Charis Angel at Hot Bikram Yoga, and I’ve shared an excerpt below. You can read the full post here.

Toxic acidity in the body, which is ageing and can be caused by emotional stress, pollution, tobacco, drugs, alcohol and a poor acidic diet, can literally be sweated out in a Hot Bikram Yoga class. If this toxic acidity is kept in the body, our skin can age quicker as toxic acidity dehydrates the body and can lead to disease in the body.

Skin is the largest detoxing organ of the body. The kidneys can take up to 24 hours to remove harmful toxins like lead and mercury out of the body, while sweating removes these metals much faster. Sweating can also rid the body of harmful substances like alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Research has found that as much as 30% of the body’s waste is eliminated through sweat. If you have ever felt your skin itch during a Bikram class this means that toxic acidity is being sweated out, if your lower back itches for example, it is more than likely that your kidneys are having a good detox!

Sweat is good for your skin, the water hydrates, the minerals and salt naturally exfoliate your skin to aid the sweating process and urea and uric acid are known to combat dry skin. The optimal pH factor for the skin is the same as the pH factor for sweat.

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