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Continuing our alphabetical trip through Bikram Yoga… today let’s talk about something that you might worry about: coordination.
yoga standing bow pose
New students often come in with a sense of trepidation because they think they aren’t coordinated enough to do yoga. They have an idea that if they can’t already coordinate every movement to perfection they shouldn’t be here; or that yoga is something people with “coordination” do.

No, no and thrice no. People don’t come to yoga because they have great coordination. They come to learn it.

If you feel clumsy and uncoordinated the Bikram studio is the ideal place to come and steadily, gently work to improve your physical and mental coordination. The repetition of the postures in every class helps build muscle memory and trains your mind and body to work together as you follow the dialogue. Et voila – your coordination improves! Try it and see how much more responsive and attuned you become.

For more info, read 5 Ways Yoga Can Make You More Coordinated.