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A lot of students come into the Bikram studio because they want to lose weight, or maintain their weight loss. As they continue they learn that hot yoga is not just about losing weight, it is about creating and maintaining mind-body balance and that dropping pounds or inches is a pleasant side effect of dedicated practice.

wind removing pose
If weight loss is part of your yoga journey, it is worth checking in with yourself to be sure you aren’t sabotaging the positive effects of Bikram with poor habits outside the studio. According to MindBodyGreen there are five common myths about weight loss that trip people up:

1. Weight loss is about calorie counting
2. Weight loss depends on doing cardio
3. You have to starve to lose weight
4. Fat makes you fat
5. Weight loss requires strict planning.

Instead of focusing on restriction and deprivation, the article recommends:
1. Eating whole, unprocessed foods (clean eating)
2. Avoiding sugar
3. Detoxing regularly
4. Living with joy and enthusiasm.

Add regular Bikram yoga to the mix and you have a great five-step recipe for healthy weight loss!

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