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Cold season isn’t quite past (is it ever in London?) and it is particularly trying to be sniffling and sneezing instead of enjoying the transition to spring. Regular Bikram yoga practice is, of course, a fantastic way to support your immune system. Just think of how much worse off you’d be if you DIDN’T sweat out all those toxins every day!
DALLAS, TEXAS - MARCH 31: Yoga Poses. (Jensen Walker)

If you’re feeling poorly, though, one Bikram pose is especially beneficial: standing separate leg head to knee, or Dandayamana-Bibhaktapata-Janushirasana (trying saying that quickly three times!) It compresses and massages your thyroid gland which is vital for regulating your immune system. To get the most benefit be sure to touch your forehead to your knee, not your nose or chin. Tuck your chin in and keep it there as you move toward the knee and keep your eyes on your stomach. This will keep your chin tucked. Remember, your throat is supposed to feel choked but keep breathing calmly in and out through your nose.

Wind-removing pose is another good one for immunity because it helps flush waste from your body.

What are your best tips for beating sniffles?