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Some of you will have heard me rave about Gyrotonics before, for those of you who haven’t, here goes 🙂

image courtesy studioseventyfour.co.uk

image courtesy studioseventyfour.co.uk

Gyrotonics uses specially designed machines to work your muscles in a very specific fashion. Like Pilates, it was created by a dancer and is designed to increase flexibilty and range of motion, build core strength, ease joints and more.
I take classes with the wonderful Elaine at
Studio 74.

According to their website there are
10 key reasons to do Gyrotonics:

  1. Mobilise the spine and free the joints
  2. Develop profound core body strength
  3. Release tension in the body
  4. Enhance neuromuscular stimulation
  5. Detoxify with specific breathing patterns
  6. Improve three-dimensional range of movement
  7. Develop body alignment awareness
  8. Increase bone strength and density
  9. Revitalise your natural energy
  10. Balance symmetry in the body

I can vouch for all these positive effects and add that it is a remarkably calming practice. Bikram yoga is a mainstay of my personal wellbeing, but doing complementary exercises like Gyrotonic is great for increasing physical awareness and strength, using muscles differently, and giving your mind a new challenge!

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