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I blogged about Pina Bausch’s ‘Tanztheater Wuppertal’ a couple of weeks back. The show opened last week at Sadler’s Wells and is getting great reviews. The Guardian ran an article interviewing several of the dancers and this excerpt caught my eye.

As I mentioned in my post one of the things I love about Bausch is that she worked with the same dancers for years, creating a real artistic community and sense of family, which Eddie Martinez talks about below.

If any of you go please post your thoughts in the comments!

Eddie Martinez
I came to Tanztheater Wuppertal when I was 32. That’s pretty old. And I’ve been with the company for 18 years now. Many of us have been here a long time. There are 30 of us and they are my family. Like any family, there are tough times and good times. We’re with each other so much every day – in Wuppertal and on tour. And they all make me better.

We didn’t perform 1980 for a while but now we are doing it a lot. This is a very heavy piece: for four hours we are pretty much always on stage. 1980 is more of a theatre piece – Pina’s big dance pieces came later – but even though we’re not dancing, we’re exhausted. I always need a little downtime after a performance. I’m a biker so sometimes I go bike a little after the show because I need to come down a bit. It’s not easy to shake off.