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eat clean
As you regular readers know I’m a big proponent of clean eating. Bikram yoga is an amazing mind/body cleanse and workout, but if you fill your body with junk outside the studio you have to work that much harder… Clean eating means sticking to mostly unprocessed whole foods and treating your body with kindness. If you want to clean up your act the following ten tips for clean eating are a great place to start.

I pulled out the following two points because they are great rules of thumb you can use every day!
What are your best tips for clean eating? Share in the Comments.

Shop The Perimeter Of The Grocery Store

Every store is different, but as a general rule, the periphery is the natural habitat of the fresh vegetable, meat market, whole-grain baked goods, and the nuts and dried fruits in the bulk bin. Get comfortable here; it is now your territory.

You’ll probably have to venture into the interior for some staples like olive oil, but keep your blinders on. You’re entering a museum of extravagant packaging and manipulative slogans. Few of the items you see in the store’s interior promote good health; it’s a stretch to call most of it “food.”

Don’t Eat Foods With Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce

Once you’ve been eating clean for a little while, you’ll inevitably begin to see the food industry as the giant machine that it is. It’s so much bigger than you, and it has its hands in so many different pockets, that it’s impossible for it to have your best interests at heart.

Need evidence? Look at the label of a box of cookies, a children’s lunch pack, or even a bottle of “natural” juice. You’d need a chemistry degree to read it, and even then, you couldn’t say what those substances are doing to you in the long run.

A good general rule: If you can’t state the name of a particular ingredient in the food you’re about to dine on, then consider passing. If you’re afraid that this rules out your favorite Ethiopian restaurant, consider making an exception for good, simple ethnic foods. Many times, these will pass the “the fewer ingredients the better” test while still giving you the culinary adventure you desire.