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Wanting killer abs isn’t just about vanity.

Kapalbhati breathing

Kapalbhati breathing

Walking upright is an evoluntionary wonder that requires a high degree of physical coordination and your abdominal muscles are a key support system. Weak core muscles contribute to poor posture, back pain, and injuries (not to mention a beer belly!)

During each Bikram session we work on the abs in a number of ways: the Bikram Sit-up, Kapalbhati Breathing and sucking in your stomach during the standing poses. Each of these works your muscles in a different way so it is important to maintain focus and precision with exercise or posture.
Remember with the sit-up are to keep your arms with your ears, to come up in one smooth motion, and to fully exhale as you reach for your toes.
For kapalbhati breathing be sure to keep your upper body loose, belly relaxed, and use your stomach muscles to really pump the air out!
Throughout class be mindful of your abs. When I say “suck your stomach in” suck it in! Every contraction strengthens and trains your muscles, giving you a stronger, tighter, leaner midsection — and who doesn’t want that?

Any questions or thoughts on building core strength? Please comment!