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Read a great post at Project Clean Food on Best Practices for a Healthy Life.
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It includes these 10 tips:

1. Cleaner, balanced, and healthier eating habits
2. Cut back on all vices and addictions
3. Healthier, more positive people around you
4. Daily, balanced, and healthy exercise
5. Make more personal time (for creativity, hobbies, relaxation, for fun, etc)
6. More patience with everything and everyone (Try, dammit)
7. Love your enemies, just be sure to maintain some distance
8. Read/Watch more quality material
9. Be nicer, and more compassionate
10. Be better than yesterday

Sounds good, right?

I’d add:

A) Try something new
B) Let go (of worn out clothes, habits, relationships)
C) Dance more

Share your top tips for a vibrant life in the comments!