I feel like I’m writing a lot about food in the blog this month but what can I say? ‘Tis the season of eating.
How does all this indulgence fit in with your Bikram yoga practice? As I’ve written in previous posts, yoga is a great way to stay grounded and balance out the annual round of parties and feasts. Another way to bring the spirit of yoga into the holidays is to practice mindfulness in how you shop and celebrate.

One simple way to do this is to shop local and organic, at London farmer’s markets. You won’t find all the hot-house veg here that you can get in Tescos, but what you do get will be local and fresh. Buying from farmer’s markets supports farmers, reduces your food’s ‘air miles’ to zero, and gives you a chance to connect directly with the people who are making or growing the food. It’s a great way to gain a sense of community in the midst of a big city!

Check out the London Farmer’s Markets website for details on all the markets, what they sell, and special events.

Tell us about your favourite market or local food in the comments!