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yoga mirrorA lot of studios have lines on the floor to mark where you should put your yoga mat, and if they don’t, the teacher will probably tell you to stagger your mats so everyone can see the mirror. This isn’t arbitrary teacher bossiness — we ask you to do this so everyone has a chance to see themselves. Not for the sake of vanity, but because it is essential to observe your practice. The visual image helps you understand and perfect the postures, which protects you from injury and helps you progress in your Bikram yoga practice.

There is another reason too, which is beautifully described by yogi Lisa on her blog Just Here. Just Now:

~ Don’t set up in the front row on your first class, but stagger your mat so that you can see yourself in the mirror. You don’t like to look in a mirror, you say? You cringe at the sight of yourself in work-out clothes? That is exactly why you are here. It’s not to get the cute yoga ass you’ve heard so much about; that’s just a side effect. You are here to learn to love your reflection. We all had that critical voice in our head when we got here; you are here to kill that voice. You are here so that you can look in the mirror and smile kindly at yourself, like you are an old friend. You are here so that someday you can look yourself in the eyes and bow to your own grace and strength.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Share in the comments!