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running rain
I’m mightily impressed by the dedication of the runners I see out pounding the pavement come rain or shine! Running in London can be almost as hairy as cycling — I respect both the effort and courage of people who are committed to putting in the miles on a daily basis. Cold weather increases the risk of running injuries, however, due to tight muscles, slippery streets, running in the dark, and so forth. It also exacerbates asthma.

Bikram yoga is excellent cross-training for runners in any season, but I especially encourage runners to start doing hot yoga, or increase their practice, during the winter to combat these difficulties. Working your muscles in the hot studio is a chance to get deep stretches for tight hamstrings, back, and quads; strengthen your feet, ankles and core muscles to reduce the risk of sprains and slips; and safely increase your lung capacity through pranayama breathing.

If you’ve never tried it and don’t think anything can match the runner’s high, I challenge you to come try a class! It will challenge and invigorate you in ways you never imagined 🙂

Those of you who are already Bikram yogis please share your favourite postures or tips for combining yoga and running.