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london bikes
As a dedicated cyclist I’m sad and shocked that five cyclists have died in London in the past few days in accidents involving buses or lorries. And I can’t believe Boris Johnson has the nerve to imply that the victims were at fault, saying: “no amount of traffic engineering that we invest in that is going to save people’s lives” and that “when people make decisions on the road that are very risky – jumping red lights, moving across fast-moving traffic … without looking to see what traffic is doing.”

It is offensive for him to suggest that the cyclists who died were doing “very risky” things. He wasn’t there so how would he know? As a daily cyclist, I know riding in London is challenging, no matter what, and the sheer volume of traffic makes it risky for even the most conservative rider. Riding in the city means sharing the roads with huge vehicles and, as this spate of tragic deaths shows, cyclists come off the worse. Instead of blaming cyclists Boris should figure out ways to help riders and drivers co-exist in safety.

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