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Bikram yoga is a great way to strengthen your immune system. And you need it more than ever in winter when it’s cold, wet, and you’re exposed to more people with colds and flu. Just be sure you don’t sabotage your good work by leaving the studio in a tee-shirt!

It is vital to wrap up warm after class. I know what it’s like: you come in bundled up but by the end of class your internal radiator is going full blast and sweat is leaping from every pore. It’s tempting to leave the studio minus a layer or two, but unfortunately this method of cooling off is a great way to catch a cold.

Keep Cosy!

Keep Cosy!

If you’re not dressed warmly enough the abrupt change in temperature shocks your body, which creates stress and weakens your immune system. It is especially important to bundle up if you have any lung conditions, like asthma, that are excerbated by cold weather.

Personally, I find the most comfortable way to keep warm as I dash between classes is to wear lots of breathable layers that hold the heat next to my body without feeling heavy or uncomfortable.

What are your tips for cold-weather dressing? Any favourite brands or items of clothing? Share in the comments!