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An inspiring post from Badassfitness about the Healing Power of Hot Yoga. You can read the whole post here, but this is my favourite excerpt:

Every week, no matter what kind of week I had, I went to hot yoga. And with each class, my muscles that were always so tight from cycling and running and weightlifting began to open up. They felt longer, more flexible. More powerful.

And somewhere along my yoga journey, this Type A Badass began to appreciate the power and importance of meditation. Of just…being…still. I learned to appreciate imperfection, within myself and within others. When I fall down out of a pose, it’s OK. Just like it’s OK to fall down in life. When it happens, we get back up and keep at it.

I gained confidence, and I gained the perspective I needed to figure out where I was meant to go and what I am supposed to do with the talents I have. This blog grew in part out of that self-discovery.

“I see people come in here and over time they get more confidence and courage,” [my teacher] Suzanne told me after class on Sunday. “They come onto the mat not having a relationship with their bodies. It’s as if they’re detached from it, but they learn to kind of accept it and move forward with this compassion and this sense of wanting to care for it.”