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Transitions are an essential part of the Bikram yoga sequence. Too often students rush in and out of postures or lose focus as they move between postures. There is the obvious temptation to take a breather, get a drink, fidget, or look around. Part of the discipline of the 26 postures is learning to move mindfully between each pose, maintaining your mediation and breath.
This advice applies to life transitions as well. When we’re hurrying from one physical place to the next, or moving through emotional states, it is easy to lose focus. We get caught up in the next thing and forget to be present. Granted, when you’re crammed on the Northern line in rush hour there it’s easier to tune out and project to the future. When we start to make a habit of tuning out our transitions, however, we lose touch with a huge part of our lives. I mean — how often are you still? If you only allow yourself to be present in these fleeting moments of statsis you’re fast-forwarding through your own life!

Perhaps next time you find yourself in mindless motion you can take a moment to focus on your breath, to be aware of how you are moving in the moment — whether that is between yoga poses, houses, or relationships. When you develop the ability to concentrate on your own life, you rgain precious time.