I enjoy browsing other blogs for insights and inspiration (when I have time!)
Came across a post by a woman practicing Bikram yoga in part to heal a back injury. It’s kind of a long post so I’ve just picked an excerpt. You can read the rest of the post here.

This time around, I was prepared to face this injury in a new way. I believe firmly in the healing power of Bikram Yoga if you keep showing up to the practice, no matter what is happening in your body. However, in the face of my pain I struggle not to go to a place of defeat… During week [four], my worst fear came true. The floodgates opened and I cried the entire week. I was descending into the darkness…. Drowning. Failure.

Another opportunity to break an old pattern – I did not give into defeat. I kept showing up to myself on the yoga mat, and on about day 7 of this breakdown, I had a realization. As one of my spiritual teachers says breakdown = breakthrough. My breakthrough – just as the physical protective layers of my old injury were resurfacing, so was the related emotional content…. It is a process that requires so much courage to stay present and not avoid/shut down/run like hell. I had a choice; to play them out in the old way and stay stuck, or to break and release the pattern to create freedom. I am choosing freedom…

I’d love to hear your stories about healing with Bikram yoga. Please share in the comments and I’ll include your stories in future posts!