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Supta-Vajrasana or Fixed Firm pose is one new students often struggle with. If you’re not accustomed to opening your feet, knees and ankles that way it can be very challenging. Like all Bikram yoga poses it has a bunch of great health benefit and as long as you maintain correct form you get those benefits, even if you’re not in the full posture yet. Eventually you will get there and be pleasantly surprised how relaxing it is!
fixed firm

Benefits :

-Helps to cure sciatica, gout and rheumatism in the legs
-Strengthens and improves flexibility of lower spine, knees, and ankles
-Firms thighs, calf muscles and strengthens the abdomen
-Can help bring back full range of motion to the knee joint
-Stretches the spleen and increases function of the immune system
-Helps to prevent hernia
-Lubricates joints
-Prevents varicose veins
-Reduces edema in the legs

Bikram Yoga Vancouver has a good post with 10 tips for improving your Fixed Firm. This is an important one:

When going into Fixed Firm (if you are going all the way down) lift your chest up and drop your head back before you even touch your head to the floor. Get the back bend in the set up. Most people only start to lift the chest up once they are already down on the floor.