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Bikram Yoga is for everyone regardless of size, shape, weight or health. No matter where you start, by committing to a regular practice you improve your health, self-acceptance and confidence.

This excerpt is from a great post titled Doing Bikram Yoga While Fat

In 2008, I quit smoking. Now I am back to being a 200-pounder with raging self-esteem issues.

Point is that all this time, I kept doing yoga. My flexibility is awesome. My ability to manage my severely compromised mental health is incredible. I can cope with my own brain simply because I go into that oven and spend 90 minutes pushing myself, in spite of heat and humidity, to reach new goals. I forget my problems. I rise above panic attacks. I actually stop thinking and start doing.

After class, I chat with my yoga teacher, who is slender. I tell her that recently, I learned that I have been deceiving myself. I told myself that I couldn’t do certain postures because my fat is in the way. And then I tell her that I have been lying to myself — there is no fat in the way. It’s just my mind and my self-hate getting in the way. I am perfect in my practice. It is yoga practice and not yoga perfect, right?

She rejoices with me. I am never too fat to be a gorgeous yogini, falling in love with what I see before me, even if it takes heat and hell to do it. At least I know how.

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If you’ve overcome a physical or mental obstacle to practice yoga share your story in the comments!