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In class I talk a lot about the physical benefits of Bikram yoga: strength, flexibility, healing, circulation, etc
But recently, looking around the studio at all the beautiful yogis working hard on their poses, it struck me that there is another health benefit we don’t talk about as much: confidence.
I mean, where else in London are you going to find a woman who is confident enough to walk into a roomful of strangers wearing just a pair of hotpants and a sports bra, or a guy comfortable wearing Speedos? Sure, yogis choose their outfits for practical reasons, but it’s great to see students of all shapes and sizes coming into the studio in their workout gear without any shyness or self-consciousness.

We should shout about this wonderful confidence. When you survive 90 minutes in the hot room you gain a profound respect for your body and what it can achieve — exactly the way it is. Unlike other forms of exercise, or pop culture, which says you have to be a certain weight or shape, yoga teaches us to accept the body as it is and work towards our own individual best, not some stereotype of ‘perfection’.

Has Bikram changed your attitude towards your body?
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